Monday, August 17, 2015

Gaia Gardens from Above

Filmed and edited by Jim Gill, a neighbor


  1. An earnest vegetarian would be prudent wise and socially adroit NOT to go into a steak house and demand to be served a vegetarian meal and when it is not forthcoming in the manner anticipated to make the proprietors into idiots and fools and then attempt to polarize restaurant goers into those who are good folk and those that are bad folk...
    Farm or not farm yo yo factory or brothel...listen mate it is not about us and them here.
    Your egotism and selfishness permitted your intent to impose a business in a neighborhood where individuals have purchased homes, work 40 hour work weeks and pay mortgages and taxes to enjoy the reality they have consciously invested in.
    Issue is not about you, not about farm and not about the terrible neighbors and city government.
    Any mature thoughtful individual would see that.
    If you have any intent to try in another neighborhood the same shenanigans know that it will not be permitted.
    Best to start anew in a community that does not have such zoning restrictions and lobby if you feel you must to change the codes. But with respect for all folk, do it in the right order.
    Don't know how really it was permitted for so long.
    Now that's to be concerned about.
    Gee, I wanna drive my BMW 100 miles an hour, darn I can't well maybe I'll just do it anyway and in the meanwhile see if I can schmooz the police to let me whizz by.... ever think regulatory mechanisms empower people to excell. Your business model would be perfect for a third world country, busloads of school kids, no nagging neighbors, no regulations on inspections to ensure your produce is safe...
    Thailand perhaps, I saw a cheap one way ticket, the donators would get over it... bye bye bozo.

    1. sorry this bozo had to send one more example of her attitude...all the things she says about Gaia are merely her own vision and may her karma serve her well

    2. Driving 100mph is reckless and selfish, endangering innocent people. Operating a farm stand poses no physical risk to anyone. and for most reasonable people is a benefit to their neighborhood. Equating these shows an immature logic.
      btw "going into a steakhouse and demanding a vegetarian meal"...isn't that what Europeans did in new Mexico to the "steakhouse" indigenous people had established for thousands of years?
      I could go on but almost everyone except "Deborah" seems to get it, so why waste the time.
      If driving 100mph is what it takes to change this consumer driven, empty, superficial society, I'm all for it

  2. Comforting to know that bitter people will get their karmic pay back and most likely die alone. Too bad. Such a beautiful world that we can all share together. What an amazing part of the world Gaia Gardens has created. How awful that it must be destroyed by people who are most likely negative and depressed in all aspects of their life and have never learned to create rather than destroy.

  3. well, we all cannot be like you
    or like each other for that matter
    thanks be to whomever your
    ideas about "karma" arise from.
    Basic spiritual law:
    Respect of the other,
    Very simple.
    "Karmic pay back", "die alone"
    Now that is certainly reflective of the most
    closed of heart, and smallest of mind.
    One cannot impose will upon another
    where agreements are in place.
    IE: laws agreed upon by the folk
    of all differences residing in our
    This issue is not personal.
    It is basic respect of the agreements
    we all unfortunately or not agree to
    abide living in our so called civilized world.
    IE: laws, in this case those pertinent to zoning.
    very interesting your understandings of karma,
    thanks for sharing re:
    samskaras and such...
    Perhaps read "Patanjali's sutras:
    How to Know God...
    might open a few chambers of heart
    and engender a consciousness
    of equanimity.

    1. For me, "respect of the other" would begin by having a conversation without 1) calling me names like "bozo" 2) hiding behind an anonymous-faceless Blogger account. If you have any desire to "open a few chambers of your heart", please take some time to read our journey of the past 4 years and how we have served and inspired many members of this community. Then hold your pen with equanimity and compassion before sending your arrows of hate and judgement.

  4. Now this is the out front
    ability to view laws of karma in present time- Live.
    Simple truth- any culture any religion:
    Imposition of one's will for whatever the purported reason,
    Gross disrespect of the rights of other by merit of assuming one is above
    the "rules of the game" IE: Zoning laws...pretty clear dictum.
    for however noble or righteous ones self-proclaimed life reasons
    may or may not be....
    well that is a sure recipe for confrontation opposition and ultimately
    the demise of said intents.
    no one is hiding quite the opposite!
    well aware of how your idea to have a life purpose have been at the cost of disobeying and flaunting a system (however rife with ridiculousness it may be) that was put in place by guess who:
    your neighbors: your community.
    No hate or judgement just a message. Take it or not.
    Luckily that is the true essence of free will.
    Iceberg lettuce? Romaine...
    Not the point but I guess if the point was understood
    this discussion would not be necessitated.

    1. Dear Dr. Watkin;

      What value has been added to your life by harassing Gaia Gardens? Please share your answer here.

  5. Deborah Watkin, may the secret and public miseries that drive you, and which you may well deserve, someday resolve into contentment and constructive membership of your communities.

  6. IE: laws, in this case those pertinent to zoning.
    very interesting your understandings of karma,
    thanks for sharing re:
    samskaras and such...
    Perhaps read "Patanjali's sutras:
    How to Know God...
    might open a few chambers of heart
    and engender a consciousness
    of equanimity.
    Very interesting your concepts of Karma.
    Maybe ask a resident on upper canyon road if that community might be interested in the"farm" in their frontyard...
    It ain't personal.
    Tis simply the agreed upon rules governing conduct.
    Well may deserve?
    Smallest of mind bears smallest of fruit.
    Nother one of dem darn karmic laws.