Thursday, November 10, 2016

Equipment Sale

As some of you may now, I have relocated to Paonia, CO, where I am currently looking for land to establish a Community Land Trust

I will be in Santa Fe November 13-22 to attend the Biodynamic conference.

During that visit, I will be selling leftover equipment by appointment only (505-557-7962)

Queen size mattress and box spring (Serta (Ballard))
File cabinets (some are heavy duty 4 drawers)
Wood shelving
Steel Shelving
Work table
Cinder blocks
Garbage cans (32 gal)
55 gallon blue plastic barrels (3)
55 gallon white plastic barrel with automatic chicken water system
Galvanized chicken food dispenser
Galvanized chicken water dispenser
Large greenhouse tables (2)  12' X 42"
Storage plastic bins
Bicycle traveling case
Conair air pump (to turn you bathtub into a Jacuzzi!)
Apple Cinema Displays (2)
Old lumber
and more

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