Monday, April 29, 2013

Permaculture Design Course in Santa Fe this fall

A Permaculture Design Course (72-hours) could happen this fall in Santa Fe if enough folks are interestedThe course would be non-residential in order to accommodate people with regular jobs.  Classes would be held on weekends and one evening a week.  Many of the renowned local Permaculture teachers would be co-leading the course.

If interested, please contact Poki ASAP so we can see if we have enough interest for the course. 

Learn how Permaculture Design can meet and exceed human needs by transforming human gardens and communities into fully functioning ecosystems. Receive hands-on experience on how to apply the principles of ecological design in your own home, farm, neighborhood, and city. Permaculture is an integrated ecological design system for creating sustainable human settlements. Far more than a set of gardening tips and techniques, Permaculture is about understanding and designing the connections between people, the earth, plants, energy, climate, water, transportation, shelter, animals, economics and much more.

For more information on topics covered in a Permaculture Design Course, see:

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