We host Wwoofers (willing workers on organic farms) year-round. We are 20 minutes bike ride from town.  For more information about the Wwoofing culture, visit: www.wwoof.org.   Please email us to receive an application

Comments from 2013 Wwoofers

Wwoofing at Gaia Gardens is like winning the lottery only without the taxes.  Poki and Dominique are super welcoming and hospitable.  They provided a comfortable living space, bikes to use around town, and all-you-can-eat food from the garden.  The work schedule was ideal and Poki is a great teacher always willing to explain the principles behind the practice.  I felt totally welcomed by the community and was always learning something whether it be transplanting baby kale or riding a unicycle with Dominique.  Maria Jesus

Comments from 2012 Wwoofer


Gaia Gardens was warm and welcoming! There is a great community draw to the location, a prevalent loving atmosphere and a large growing garden. I would definitely recommend this farm to fellow wwoofers. Something I thought was particularly unique and cool about Gaia Gardens is the bike path that runs next to the garden. People stop in to the garden to check it out and buy vegetables right there at the garden side vegetable stand. Its all good vibes.
William Webb

I stayed at Gaia for an all too short three nights, but I hope to be back in the future. Poki and Dominique are welcoming, accommodating hosts who invite WWOOFers year long, so it makes for wonderful company. As it was fall and there was less work to be done, we sorted and planted garlic and spent our ample free time biking to town (a twenty minute ride), going to the sauna and doing chi gong. This farm is young but already thriving. It has an inspiring energy, against the backdrop of the Santa Fe mountains, and leads plenty of community workshops and events such as the festive monthly potluck. I recommend this farm with all my heart.
Elsa Rivers-Moore

Why is this such a great place to WWOOF? Poki gives great hugs. Dominique teaches Qigong. Hummingbirds, bees, and love are in the air. Observe sun, soil, seeds, water, and people work together to produce a miracle called food. Work is fun, joyful, educational, and fulfilling. Watch the community get involved. And so much more makes this farm in the Santa Fe city limits appropriately named the Gaia Gardens. This is definitely the place to learn about urban farming. Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver while you are there. 
Gunther Bloos

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