Monday, January 28, 2013

Shrine Up!

the "Water" Shrine

Slowing down enough to truly honor my relations, refuel my dreams, or simply reconnect with the earth I walk upon daily....these are all great challenges I face as life spins ever so quickly with lists of things to do/accomplish and places to be.  As we continue growing and constellating out intentions at Gaia Gardens, the importance of pausing and reflecting, before stepping forward is becoming more apparent.

the "Visioning" Shrine

Clarity, attention, reverence, and celebration are all words that came to mind as I set out to create a shrine devoted to “visioning” yesterday.  The simple act of organizing sticks and stones into an intentional, pleasing formation, helped me to access an authentic place of power/strength/ within.
We created our first shrine with a group of young adults from Youth Shelters last year and dedicated it to family, friends, and foes.  Each time I spiral around the center piece I not only slow down and sink into huge gratitude for living, I also warmly remember the collective love and presence it took to sculpt it.  Although creating in solitude to reignite my passion around “visioning” was the medicine I needed yesterday, our intention is to open and offer this land to all who feel moved to sculpt appropriate shrines.

the "All my Relations" shrine

This is an invitation for all interested to step forth and help us co-create!!!  This morning I had an inspiration for the next shrine.  I would like to design and dedicate an altar of treasured objects which we are willing to let go of.  This shrine will rest along the arroyo bike trail and honor the difficulties of “letting go”, while simultaneously holding the spirit of freedom and unexpected gifts that await us, when we do in fact release our grip on whatever we are overly attached to.

Growing healthy food and reclaiming our food sovereignty are indeed critical tasks.  At Gaia Gardens, we believe that adding prayers and non-denominational, playful, communal altar-shrines to that mission can activate subtle forces in the land as well as engage a deeper spirit element in those involved in the garden activities.


If interested in the shrine building project, please contact Dominique.


Movie Night 
Wed. Jan 30  6:30PM
Showing "Queen of the Sun"  (see here for details)
Please RSVP here as space is limited 

Volunteer Days
Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00am-12:00pm
We are busy building a new greenhouse, creating a large water catchment system and getting ready to start our season.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"Climate Refugees" at the Farmers Market Jan. 23

An epic journey event, four years in the making. A film that is changing the way the world is looking at climate change.  Screened by
Prime Ministers, Presidents, The Pentagon, United Nations, Davos, US Embassies, universities and churches around the world.  Climate Refugees will forever change the way you view the future of our planet.

There is a new phenomenon in the global arena called “Climate Refugees”. A climate refugee is a person displaced by climatically induced environmental disasters. Such disasters result from incremental and rapid ecological change, resulting in increased droughts, desertification, sea level rise, and the more frequent occurrence of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, cyclones, fires, mass flooding and tornadoes. All this is causing mass global migration and border conflicts. For the first time, the Pentagon now considers climate change a national security risk and the term climate wars is being talked about in war-room like environments in Washington D.C.    Watch Trailer here

Where: Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Pavilion
Date: Wed.  Jan. 23
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: $12.00 for the general public, $10.00 for Institute Members. FREE for seniors & students over 18 with IDs, and for those under 18 and Market vendors. Become an Institute Member the night of, and receive an immediate discount.

See here for a complete list of upcoming documentaries at the Farmers Market

Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Call to all Lovers of our Precious Pollinators!!


In December, Gaia Gardens was contacted by Melissa Cunningham with a request to host her 3 honeybee top-bar hives.  We gladly accepted these charming hives.

We have begun sifting through our generously donated seeds (thank you to Payne's Nurseries, Seeds of Change, and Seed Savers Exchange!).  A greenhouse has been specifically dedicated to grow our flowers and herbs.  

We are now looking to create a committed team to handle plant starts (possibly beginning in Feb.), as well as design the flower and herb garden.  If interested in joining this team, please contact Dominique at 808 280 5203


As this will be our first year keeping bees, we will be on a journey of learning together in the company of several experienced beekeepers.

On January 30 at 6:30pm we are hosting our second movie night at the farm and showing a film on bees called, "Queen of the Sun" (Watch Trailer here)

Our thought is to hold an initial "Pollinator Pod" gathering following the film.  If interested in attending, please contact Dominique at 808 280 5203

Happy Day!