Sunday, July 12, 2015

Documentary featuring Gaia Gardens Premiere July 25 at CCA

Bringing Food Home
Discovering Sustainable Solutions

A New Documentary on Urban Farming, featuring Gaia Gardens

Premiere Screening 
Saturday July 25, at 8:15pm at the CCA

Documentary followed by a panel discussion

Tickets available online here

Seating limited to 50.

BRINGING FOOD HOME is a film focusing on sustainable solutions for local food in Northern New Mexico.  The documentary features several farms and gardens in the region practicing regenerative agriculture. Produced over the last two years, the documentary hopes to provoke constructive dialogue, inspiring Santa Fe and other cities to embrace urban agriculture as essential to resilient community.

The flurry of reactions around the creation of Gaia Gardens, a one-acre farm within residential zoning in Santa Fe, provided the impetus for this documentary. The controversy has raised a larger question for the community: how will this high-desert city sustain itself in the future?

The film goes beyond the specifics of Gaia Gardens’ circumstances to explore the need for visionary policy change, as well as a radical shift in our relationship to food.  Local farmers, land-use professionals, educators and policy makers present insights into fostering a sustainable future.

Join David Aubrey and Nanda Currant, filmmakers; Poki Piottin and Dominique Pozo, Gaia Gardens Founders; Erin O’Neil, Head Farmer/Teacher Culinary Arts Santa Fe Community College; and Joel Glanzberg, Author Patternmind and Permaculturist after the film for a panel discussion.

BRINGING FOOD HOME is co-presented by Lightningwood Productions, CCA Cinematheque and the Santa Fe Farmers’ Market Institute.

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