Sunday, July 5, 2015

Catching Up-Pics and Ramble

Our main propagation house where plants get started in January

Time flies!  We've been so busy this year that posting on this blog has taken a back seat...

After resting for a couple weeks over the Christmas Holidays, we started seeding greens, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants on January 20th.   Around 13,000 plants were started this year, religiously following the Biodynamic Calendar.  Half of them got planted at the farm, the rest have been sold at the Farmers Market or planted at the school gardens that we manage.

The crew that helped stretched the greenhouse plastic

A new greenhouse was built in February to accommodate our increased production.  1,500 tomato plants were nurtured in the new greenhouse between March and June, and we're happy to report that we sold them all!

Winter is when we make Barrel Compost, a Biodynamic
soil amendment invented by Maria Thun.

Mixing fresh cow poop with egg shells, basalt and Biodynamic preps

The barrel where mixture gets buried for 6 months

Dominique rototilling the winter rye/hairy vetch cover crop

Creating a new perennial flower and herb garden in front of our farm stand

Harvesting greens at the Monte del Sol Charter School garden

Dominique and Rachel repairing the Horno

Dominique and Marlene transplanting young seedlings

Nanda and Rachel unloading horse compost

At the Master Gardeners Fair in May

Our double booth at the Santa Fe Farmers' Market on Saturdays

This season, we've increased our plant production and have been selling a record number of plant starts to discriminate gardeners. It is part of our strategy to maintain a year-round presence at the Farmers Market.  The sale of plant starts accounts for 40% of our revenues.

Our First-Monday-of-the-Month Community Potlucks continue to be well attended. Next potluck is Monday July 6 @ 6:00pm

Volunteers preparing one of our tomato beds

Our 91 Toyota truck is now equipped with a rack over the hood to carry all our goods to the Farmers Market.  Thank you Steve from Dulfer Metal for the great addition to our farm truck! 

Judy, Audrey, Dominique and Kim preparing a second tomato bed

 Seed balls making party

We just finished harvesting our garlic and it is selling fast!  You can order yours now for $10/lb.  We also have garlic braids ranging from $17-$25. 

Poki and Dominique practicing Qigong!

Property purchase update

To date we've raised $26,000 in donations, have another $80,000 pledged by two Foundations, and we are willing to match this with our own savings to purchase the property.  We anticipate that the bank will want a minimum of $350,000.  A real estate attorney is helping us and the property owner find the best possible strategy for making an offer to bank before the property goes into foreclosure.  

We've been approached by, and have had several conversations with a group interested in starting a private elementary school that would use the farm as its classroom. The idea of having an alternative school at the farm is very attractive to us. 


Plant Sale
Sunday July 12

Basket Weaving Workshop
Sunday July 12

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