The Carbon Economy Series is an educational series on working models that increase the ability to grow biomass, sequester carbon from the atmosphere and reduce water and soil erosion.
The intention of the lectures and workshops is to help the average homeowner, food gardener, farmer, rancher, land owner and landscape professional, get more value from their practice; to use waste as a resource while returning biology and vitality to the soil.
We can all learn how to sequester more carbon and replenish the biology of the earth’s soil membrane with the natural practices to be discussed in the Carbon Economy Series.

Santa Fe Community Coop   Join us in building a vital, sustainable enterprise that provides healthy, affordable food to the community, consistent with our commitment to food & health equity, ecological stewardship, and democratic values.  HEALTHY, AFFORDABLE FOOD 
SeedBroacast is a collaborative project exploring grassroots seed action through collective inquiries and hands-on creative practices.  Throughout the year, we gather to discuss critical issues surrounding seed and food sovereignty, visit local farms and gardens to experience what is happening in the field, and engage in creative projects, to dig deeper into the real how-to’s of local agri-culture. SeedBroadcast believes everyone in our communities, possesses a genius of place that nourishes our subsistence. This is the fluid, dynamic, and innovative knowledge we uncover, in ourselves and the world around us, that pollinates our thinking and grows our gardens, as creative forces to be reckoned with. These are our seed stories, voicing a declaration of food for thought, vitality, and our future, while countering the political and economic domination of our current life-blood: our food, seeds, and natural resources. 
Terra Flora Garden Design
Biodynamic compost is made with local cow manure and strengthens the life supporting forces of our soils while improving water retention. Contact Maggie regarding prices, pick-up or delivery. This is a design-build landscape firm specializing in site specific, thoughtful designs which create a visual cohesiveness with the surrounding setting. We address the challenges of the locale thru use of renewable resources, expertise in cultivation practices and romance the regional, by showcasing seasonal changes with a diverse, resilient plant palette.
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