Thursday, March 26, 2015

CSA 2015 - Offering Shares

We've been offering CSA shares for the past two seasons and will be doing it again this year.  

Each week, from June to October (20 weeks), CSA members pick up a box of produce grown at the farm (sometimes supplemented by produce grown at one of our sister local organic farms like Green Tractor and Synergia Organics).

Being part of our CSA means engaging in the rejuvenation and strengthening of truly local agriculture, and becoming more indigenous by eating food grown with your involvement, your caring and your prayers.

In offering a CSA, our intent goes well beyond providing people with the freshest and most nutritious food.  We want to offer an opportunity for CSA members to genuinely get acquainted with the farm, the farmers (and the chickens) who grow their food.   

Our CSA offers the opportunity for you to reconnect with the rhythms of nature by eating produce when it is in season. We also offer individuals who join our CSA an opportunity to reunite with the Earth and community in a meaningful way, while often rekindling a quality of spiritual nourishment they may have been missing.

Joining our CSA comes with a requirement to participate in the life of the farm so as to develop an intimate connection with the source of your food as well as your community. 
We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.  We make our own compost and potting soil.  We use Biodynamic principles and make some of our own Biodynamic preparations. We pamper our plants and cherish our soil. 

What we offer is priceless and our true joy stems from the circle of relationships we create around the farm, and the opportunity we offer for families and children to come visit the farm and soak up the energy emanating from a piece of land stewarded with love and in community.

Each year we offer 20-25 CSA shares and give priority to families with children. 

If interested in joining our CSA, we want you to seriously consider whether you can or truly want to contribute to the life of the farm by donating at least 2-3 hours a month.  The quality of your presence is what matters.  We always have plenty of things for you to do, from very simple such as cleaning a kitchen or sorting plants to harder, more physically demanding work if you need the exercise!  If you have children, by all means bring them to the farm to play in the dirt.

If interested in joining our 2015 CSA, please request an application here.

We look forward to growing nourishing food for our community.

Dominique, Poki, Melanie and Rachel

Friday, March 20, 2015

Happy Spring!

Ready to plant your garden?   (after that rain, the conditions are ideal!)

Starting tomorrow Sat. March 21, we'll be selling our world famous organic and Biodynamic vegetable, herb and flower starts at the Santa Fe Farmers Market. 

We are also selling seeds and flower essences.

Our seed booth will be inside the Farmers Market Hall and our plant starts booth will be outside.

Kale Curly
Kale Russian
Kale Nero (Dino)
Cabbage Green
Cabbage Red

Cosmos (Candy Stripe)
Cosmos (Psyche White)
French Marigold (Lemondrop)
Bachelor Button (Polka Dot)
Zinnia (Thumbelina)
Calendula Resina
Sweet Pea (Knee High Dwarf)
Golden Marguerite

Mammoth Dill

Some of our tomatoes

Our new propagation house

Rachel, one of our interns