Monday, July 8, 2013

Hail Storm and Free Fat Duck




This afternoon, the hail storm that passed through town devastated the garden.  At first glance, we lost 80% of our crop.  Our basil and tomato plants are gone, summer and winter squash, as well as beets and chard, are shredded.  The kale plants seem to have survived.

Osha, our male duck is being given away for adoption.  If you want to cook him for dinner, you are most welcome.  He doesn't have much paternal or community instinct (or brains!).  Not only did he kill our beautiful male mallard a few months ago, yesterday he drowned Sophie, a miracle one week old duckling who was hatched in my hand, and had imprinted on the teen-aged ducks and was running with them the minute she was born.  

Life is beautiful and fragile.


  1. What a tough run of luck...and a naughty duck! Do you still have? I could ask around about taking him. Been out of area, hoping things were looking up for you and the garden. If things go to city council...please keep folks posted if you can, I'll try to spread in what circles I am able :)

  2. Found a taker on the duck if you still have him.

  3. Duck has been taken. Sorry!