Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Call to all Lovers of our Precious Pollinators!!


In December, Gaia Gardens was contacted by Melissa Cunningham with a request to host her 3 honeybee top-bar hives.  We gladly accepted these charming hives.

We have begun sifting through our generously donated seeds (thank you to Payne's Nurseries, Seeds of Change, and Seed Savers Exchange!).  A greenhouse has been specifically dedicated to grow our flowers and herbs.  

We are now looking to create a committed team to handle plant starts (possibly beginning in Feb.), as well as design the flower and herb garden.  If interested in joining this team, please contact Dominique at 808 280 5203


As this will be our first year keeping bees, we will be on a journey of learning together in the company of several experienced beekeepers.

On January 30 at 6:30pm we are hosting our second movie night at the farm and showing a film on bees called, "Queen of the Sun" (Watch Trailer here)

Our thought is to hold an initial "Pollinator Pod" gathering following the film.  If interested in attending, please contact Dominique at 808 280 5203

Happy Day!


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  1. What a beautiful pic of the bee houses covered in white. If I had the time, I'd help with that flower bed! Will still stop by for updates~ Enjoy that gorgeous snowy garden :-)