Monday, August 19, 2013

URGENT! City Council Finance Committee votes TONIGHT on URBAN FARMING RESOLUTION

is being voted on by the City Council Finance Committee
TONIGHT Monday August 19 @ 5PM
Councilors Chamber
City Hall
200 Lincoln
Downtown Santa Fe

This resolution is a rushed job and could be killed tonight for lack of support. 
Very few people were included in the drafting of the resolution, and Gaia Gardens was never invited to participate (strange as we are the only urban farm in Santa Fe!).

I called Patti Bushee yesterday to arrange a meeting and haven't heard back from her.  If the resolution gets killed tonight, it would be a set back for urban agriculture in our city.  If it passes, it could still be killed later on the floor of the full City Council if there's not enough support.

Unfortunately, because no one was notified, the only people who have voiced their opinion are folks like our dear neighbor who do not want to see farms in the City.

I am going to attend tonight, and invite you to do the same, because if there's pressure to kill the resolution tonight, our presence could help the resolution survive and go to the full vote of the City Council at a later date.

We'll have then time to mobilize plenty of people in support of the resolution.

I will have sticky badges (Yes to Urban Ag/Friends of Gaia Gardens) so come get your badge from me when you arrive.

See you tonight!

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