Monday, April 20, 2015

Seed Balls making party Thursday April 23, 3:00-6:00pm



Please join us this coming Thursday afternoon April 23 from 3:00-6:00pm for our seed ball making party.  Bring your kids.

We plan to spread hundreds of seed balls in the area between the farm fence and the Arroyo trail to turn that area into a feast for the eyes and the bees.

A Seed Ball is a marble sized ball made of clay, earth, and seeds that is used to replant areas where the natural flora has been destroyed. Also, referred to as seed bombs for guerrilla gardening, who first developed how to make seed balls is a bit of a mystery. Some say it originated in Egypt while others claim Japan or Greece, but the important thing is that the native plant seed ball has now been used around the world to reseed land that has been abused by man or by Mother Nature herself.
Before the development of the native plant seed ball, reseeding some natural areas was difficult. The traditional method of broadcasting seed comes with several major drawbacks. The seed is sown on top of the soil where it may be baked dry by the sun, blown away by the wind, washed away by heavy rains, or nibbled away by birds or other small wildlife. Very little is left to germinate and grow.
Making seed balls addresses all of these problems. These clay balls protect the seed from the heat of the sun. They’re heavy enough to be unaffected by the wind or heavy rains and the hard clay casing deters animal nibblers as well.

Why Seed Balls Work
In dry areas, the shape of the ball actually gives enough shade to conserve moisture. The seeds begin to germinate and the ball breaks apart. The small pile of crumbles provides the start for the root system, but is still heavy enough to anchor the emerging seeds to the ground.
The small leaves of the new plants provide enough shade for the soil to conserve more moisture. The plants then mature and produce their own seeds and provide shelter once the second generation seeds fall to the ground. The seeding and regrowth continues until complete plant cover is achieved. Making seed ball gives nature the extra boost it needs to make things right.

Please park on our side of the street.  If you bring a dog, it needs to be on a leash at all times.

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