Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Good news! A property has been found

After a year and a half of searching, I have found an 18-acre property that fits all the necessary criteria. 
  • One mile from town (Paonia, CO)
  • Ample irrigation rights
  • Very private with fabulous views
  • Has a home on it
  • Well priced for its size and location ($240,000)
It even comes with a renter who is a local artist and educator and the mother of two daughters (12 and 15).  Tanya's family, along with myself, would be the initial members of the community.

The local bank is willing to finance a $200,000 loan if we can get a guarantor.

The requirements for a guarantor, as defined by the bank, are:
  • Great credit
  • Strong re-occurring historical cash flow
  • High net worth
If you fit that description and are interested in being a guarantor, please let me know ASAP