Friday, March 23, 2012

Our New Pioneers

Kaylyn (front) and Tiel arrived last Tuesday from California.  Kaylyn was an intern at Synergia Ranch where I worked last farming season.  Kaylyn and I worked the Albuquerque Farmers Market and had many opportunities to discuss the concept of communal farming.  Tiel worked as a woofer in a couple farms in Hungary.  They are from the same town in CA, went to the same high school and were both raised around horses.

They will be the first farmers at Gaia Gardens, hopefully staying through the planting season, before they hop on a steamliner to Europe.

It did not take them long to jump in the flow as Tuesday is our compost day. 

Pretty fancy compost we are making with flower donations from Food Depot via Trader Joes!

The girls and I picked several hundred pounds of rocks from the field on Thursday.  These two have some stamina...

Our first batch of seeds were planted in Black Gold organic seed planting mix.  I wasn't very impressed by the results, so yesterday, Kaylyn and I mixed 1/3 black gold, 1/3 composted steer/horse manure and 1/3 local soil.  Bobbe and John stopped by and helped plant another 5 trays of lettuce and flowers.  We'll post the germination result in a few days...

On Monday March 26 (all day) Will Atkinson, our Earth Moving Champion, will be back at Gaia Gardens with his wondrous machinery.  He will use his rock hopper to pick most rocks off the field (we removed the big ones!), his ditch witch to create the trenches for the irrigation lines, and remove some bushes to clear the area that has been allocated for our ceremonial fire pit and dance floor...  Any extra hands on Monday would be greatly appreciated.  We'll be there from 8:00-6:00.

We are now holding a regular community meeting every Sunday  11:00am-12:30pm at the farm (look for signs in parking lot to find the meeting place)

All are welcome!

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Our regular farm days for volunteers are held every Thursday and Sunday from 1:00-4:00pm (winter schedule)

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