Monday, February 27, 2012

The Rock Stars

Some 4,000 lbs of rocks were plucked by hand today after we rototilled the other half of the field!

Picking rocks (and carrying bucket loads of them!) is for me an amazing exercise and meditation.  I always imagine what our ancestors had to do when they started working a new piece of land...

Will Atkinson brought his 10,000lbs capacity dump trailer today and three large loads of horse manure were spread onto the field.

The manure was then spread evenly over the entire field was rototilled.

The 8" rototiller attachment.

In two days, we prepared 7,500sq' of land for cultivation.

While the machinery was operating in the lower portion of the property, Brian DeBenedetti was quietly building our 19'X8' lean-to greenhouse where our plant starts will soon be hosted.

See Will Atkinson at work!

Thursday March 1
1:00-4:00pm  (see directions here)

Come visit the new farm, stretch your hamstrings and make your back strong...

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