Sunday, February 26, 2012

Jump Start

A quick post to say that the work of preparing the soil began today.  Will Atkinson arrived early this morning with his machinery and worked all day leveling the field and rototilling the soil.

Shortly after, a surprise visit from Gene and Vicki from Cerrillos, with a gift of 2 tons of composted manure (half steer-half horse).  Perfect top-dressing material!

Lots of rocks were removed from along the fence line.


Branches were gathered to create a 8'X20' "mattress" for our first compost pile.

The crew at lunch.

A pile of debris ready to be hauled to the refuse station.

Half of the lower field was rototilled today!

and lots of rocks needed to be picked...

The Heroe of the Day.  Our new friend Will Atkinson.

Thanks everyone for the amazing accomplishments today!

Thursday March 1
1:00-4:00pm  (see directions here)

We need some help tomorrow Monday between 9:00am-3:00pm to pick rocks off the field.  Will Atkinson will be there rototilling with his machinery and I'll be along side the Bobcat picking rocks.  Please come join us for the fun...

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