Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Salvage Operation

On Monday and Tuesday, Brian and I went to Mountainair, 2 hours south of Santa Fe, to salvage material from a tomato greenhouse operation that went out of business.  We unfortunately did not get the greenhouse frame itself but were able to recycle a lot of other material.

Amongst other treasures, we got 50 bales of hay, ten 50-gallon plastic barrels, stainless steel sinks, irrigation pipes and fittings, steel shelving and lumber.

We also took apart growing boxes made of black plastic-covered OSB and will be using the 8'X18" OSB strips for siding on future farm structures.

We will soon go back to get even more exciting stuff; 8 blueberry bushes and some 40 young fruit trees!  An orchard will be created at Gaia Gardens and we'll be looking for an appropriate location on the property for all these young apple, plum, pear, apricot and peach trees.

Thank you Brian for your invaluable help and for the use of your truck!
Thank you Jennie for the loan of your trailer!

And finally thank you Timothy, Moksha, Nikola and Urszula for gifting us all these items that will be put to good use at the new farm...

Farm Day tomorrow
Thursday Feb 23
(bring gloves)

Please see our wish list here and pass the word around.  Let your friends know that donations are tax-deductibles (see donate page here)

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