Friday, May 18, 2012

Sheet Mulching, Airstream, Irrigation and Dowsing

While we contemplate what to do with our (lack of) water situation, we've been busy with a myriad of things.

 The two fields that were recently leveled by our beloved friend Will and his Bobcat have been covered with cardboard and trailers of manure have been delivered daily.  We need muscle power on Sunday to spread the manure and cover it with straw.

Our irrigation material has arrived and we've been busy installing it.  One third of the main field is now drip irrigated and the timers set to run for 45 minutes a night.

We started getting compost from our first pile and top-dressing our garden beds with it.    


Ariel (right), our latest wwoofer staying at the farm.


On Sunday, we'll start transplanting chard into these beds.

Our potatoes seem to happy here.

Thank you Sydney for loaning us your Grandma's 1973 Airstream!

Our compost tea brewer has been running steady until ... the air pump broke.   I have temporarily attached a ShopVac to it until a new pump is found.

Permaculture designer Derk Loeks taking an inventory of the trees that we recently purchased from the Forestry Department.

Dominique and Ariel getting ready to post flags were the trees will be transplanted.

Larry Killinger, architect, builder, permaculturist and dowser has been doing a survey of the land to identify veins of water.  He is also a big fan of raspberries and has been transplanting more raspberries in our current patch.

Our greenhouse is getting pretty full...

Water Update
We are contemplating doing a Kikstarter campaign to raise the money for a new well.  I have initiated a project on Kickstarter and our friend Brian will take a shot at the text for the Project Description.  We need to come up with a clever angle to present Gaia Gardens and create a 3 minute video.  Trying to raise $8,000 in 30 days require a quality presentation on Kickstarter.

My problem is that I am so busy staging the birth of a farm that I can't find the time to engage in the creation of a video.  Is anyone reading this blog gifted with video editing?  Or knows someone who is and would be willing to give us a hand?  I have an excellent HD camera.

Despite our uncertainty about water, I continue to be inspired and motivated. Every single day, I can't think of better things to do but to build soil, nurture plants and support nature to regenerate a magnificent oasis on this beloved piece of land.

Please join us on Sunday for our volunteer farm day 2:00-6:00pm

Our Community Meeting-Potluck Brunch is held before that 11:00am-12:30pm

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