Saturday, May 5, 2012


On Feb 15, Gaia Gardens was initiated with the intent to create a demonstration urban farm in Santa Fe.  For the past ten weeks, a small group of us, including several wwoofers, have been preparing the land, building a greenhouse and grooming several thousand plants to start a 7,500 square foot vegetable garden.

Just as we were about to order our irrigation equipment, we had our well inspected to make sure the well capacity could support the irrigation demands.

The results of the well inspection were not positive-the water table is very low, the pump is only 3 feet under the water surface and the volume is not enough to serve both the domestic needs of the dwellings on the land and the irrigation needs.

We were hoping that a second well on the property could be reactivated but the inspection revealed that the casing is broken and the well is unusable.

So we are stuck with not enough water to continue this project… and we have thousands of plants that need to go in the ground within 2 weeks!

The prospect of installing a large water tank and building up a reserve for irrigation is being explored but my early assessment is that our well just doesn’t have the output to provide the necessary volume for irrigation.

So we need to drill a new well to access deeper water.

The cost:  $8,000 for a 160 foot well.

We need your support to raise the funds to pay for a new well. 

We have been full steam ahead since day one and every obstacle that has sprouted in front of us has been weeded and attended to. The well is the next challenge. We have so much momentum and enthusiasm for this farm project. Help us to sow this ideal into a harvest of reality. If you have not visited us then please do so. You’ll be amazed at our progress.

Gaia Gardens is a project fiscally sponsored by the New Mexico Community Foundation, a 501(c) 3.

Please CLICK HERE to make a donation.  Donations are tax-deductible.

Our deepest gratitude for your generosity and support,


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