Monday, April 30, 2012

New Trees, Music and Young Men

Last week, 50 young indigenous trees and bushes were purchased from the Forestry Department.  We are seeking native tree experts to help us figure out where and how these youngsters should be planted.

On Tuesday, Will Atkinson was back with his Bobcat to level the two fields that will soon be sheet-mulched .  Thank you Will for your incredible contribution to building the farm!

Yesterday, a group of young men from the Boyz to Men organization came to work at the farm.

The young men helped build paths to the lower field (we want to keep people on paths so the landscape can regenerate)

ElanaSue bought her mother Joy (94) to visit the farm.  Joy has been a farmer all her life. ElanaSue grew up on an orchard in Wisconsin.

Another good show of volunteers for our farm day yesterday.  Several hundreds young seedling were transplanted (chard, onion, cabbage).

Persephone transplanting Golden Chard

And Zuni transplanting Rhubard Chard

Remember to always hold the seedlings by the leaves when you transplant!  Stems easily bruise.

Our plant staging/hardening area was greatly expanded to accommodate all the seedlings now leaving the greenhouse.

Our regular Sunday night music-social was well attended and the songs were delicious

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