Monday, April 23, 2012

Earth Day, Transplanting and Airstream Trailer

Beautiful show of people on Earth Day... 

Our fruit trees and new raspberry patch got mulched

Aida, Larry and Jennie at the transplanting station

Claire getting a tray ready to seed Chile Peppers

Lizette seeding Chiles

Cucumber, Broccoli, Cauliflower and Chard seedlings got transplanted yesterday.  They will be ready to go in the garden beds in 2-3 weeks.

100lbs (4 varieties) of seed potatoes were planted

Kaylyn and her faithful companions


The colorful signs that were placed on the fence adjacent the bike trail have been drawing a lot of inquiring visitors.  One of them, Jim, a neighbor, offered to loan us a 31' Airstream trailer to lodge our farm superintendent.

A donation of $50 was made by one of our volunteers, and One Earth Solutions donated seeds and two water timers for our irrigation system.

A beautiful Earth Day indeed!

A group of students from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute currently working on a project in Santa Fe on sustainability will be visiting the farm on Thursday.

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Money to Purchase Irrigation

We need to purchase irrigation material (drip lines and sprinklers) and are looking for $ donations to help purchase approximately $700 of supplies.  Click here to donate 

Person(s) needed to pick up compost at Body 3x week (email here if interested)

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