Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crop Circles

Today, a beautiful crop circle appeared on the lower field.  Our first beds were created.  They will be top-dressed with one year-old horse/steer manure on Sunday. We are envisioning a shrine in the center of the garden.  All are invited to collaborate.

A 4' bed is being created along our 300 foot fence.  Bed will first be planted with beans, peas and flowering vines, then with cucumbers and tomatoes.  We hope to have the whole fence covered with flowers and vegetables by this summer.

Jme SilverCrow, a new volunteer, making soil for our seed starts

Dominique, planting happy seeds in the greenhouse

Roy Wroth (Santa Fe Complex, Santa Fe Alliance) with Poki, after working on the first stretch of bed along the fence

The compost pile is growing rapidly thanks to a weekly food drop from the Food Depot and Ohori's Coffee.  A "mattress" for a second pile has already been created.  First pile should be retired within a month.  Please feel free to bring your compost when you visit the farm.

A temporary kitchen and lounge area is being created to accommodate our woofers and interns

Tiel and Kaylyn, our creative, hard-working and fun farm troubadours...

New Schedule
Farm days for volunteers have been increased to 4 days a week:   
Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays
Note our change of hours as well: 2:00-6:00PM  
(feel free to come at anytime during these hours)

Money Needed to Purchase Irrigation
On Tuesdays, our spigots will be installed and water will be available to the lower field.  We now need to purchase irrigation material (drip line and sprinklers) and are looking for $ donations to help purchase approximately $400 of supplies.  Click here to donate 

Person(s) needed to pick up compost at Body and Aztec 3x week (email here if interested)

A small group from Civic Justice Corps will be volunteering every Monday 1:15-3:30pm.  Feel free to join their work party.


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