Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Community Meeting Monday Oct 1, Earthcare and Ducks

Bianca Sopoci-Belknap (left, with her baby Rowan) Director of Youth Programs for EarthCare, with her new Americorps crew.  These young folks are in town for eleven months, working in garden-related projects as part of EarthCare food justice program

They spent an afternoon helping remove goat heads around the property and two of them came to work our stand at the Eldorado farmers market.

The following weekend was a great opportunity to say thank you to EarthCare and fire-up the horno for some wholesome pizza (including exotic varieties with pears and beets!)

Members of the Architecture for Humanity local chapter met with us at Gaia Gardens to discuss their intent to build a new farm stand, a solar shower and a portable puppet theater for Gaia Gardens.

Following a noise complaint from a neighbor, our 3 ducks got relocated to a new pen (palace?) near the compost yard.  A large postcard in the shape of a duck was delivered to the neighbor with these words on it:  
Dear Don,
I am sorry that my quack was so obnoxious.  I think my parents were genetically- modified and used as boat horns in Indonesia.  I just moved down the hill to a very plush pad with ground-level swimming pool and shaded patio.  The food, unfortunately, has not changed… Poki may be French but his cooking abilities are worse than British. I hope your mornings are peaceful once again.
PS. I hope you don’t report the chickens to the authorities, as we (the 3 ducks) are now enjoying our own space, and don’t want to ever have to share our place with so many rambunctious ladies.

Kids help pick damaged chard and kale leaves, and feed the chickens and ducks,


as well as gather eggs from the hen house.  Their visit ends with songs.

On Sunday afternoon 4-6pm, a group from EarthCare is now coming to work on the farm.

We started sifting compost from our large compost pile,


and amended one of the potato beds that was recently cleared.

Chard will soon be transplanted in that bed.

The Sunday evening ended with, guess what?  More pizza!  Feel free to join these wonderful youths on Sunday for an afternoon of laughin' and farmin'.

Monthly Community Potluck
Monday Oct 1
Bring dishes to cook in the horno (pizza dough and toppings, bread, root vegetables)

Upcoming Workshop!

Building hoophouses over your existing beds
Sunday, Oct.14
Learn to create efficient hoophouses using rebar, PVC and UV resistant plastic to cover existing beds.  Grow food such as kale, parsley, mustard greens and chard in these tight and windproof tunnels.  Instructor: Poki, Gaia Gardens farm manager.  Cost: $10
Please register by emailing us

Farm Stand
New hours
Mon., Wed. & Fri. 

Farmers Markets
Tuesday at the Railyard  8:00am-1:00pm  (our booth is outside)
Saturday at the Railyard  8:00am-1:00pm  (our booth is inside)
Friday in Eldorado  3:00-7:00pm

Mon., Wed. & Fri.    8:00am-12:00pm 

Qigong Class ( Led by Dominique. Free)
Mondays 7:30-8:00am 

For more info on our activities and schedule, please visit here

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