Monday, October 8, 2012

Hard Freeze, Monte del Sol and Last Day of Farm Stand

This morning was a rude awakening!  A freeze hit the garden hard last night and killed basil, squash, tomatoes and marigolds.  Even though the tomatoes and basil were covered, as a 32 degree had been predicted the day before, the freeze put an early end to our season.

A dozen flats of green tomatoes were brought inside and hopefully will ripen before Christmas...

The covered plants before the freeze

The damage to the chard, marigold and squash...

Our last farm stand will be this Wednesday Oct. 10, 8am-12pm.  We will do a few more Farmers Markets after that but we are nearing the end of our growing season.

Last week, twenty teenagers from the Monte del Sol High School came to spend a morning at the farm.

They predator-proofed the chicken coop,


sifted compost,

and cooked lunch with vegetables from the garden.


Building hoophouses over your existing beds
Sunday, Oct.14
Learn to create efficient hoophouses using rebar, PVC and UV resistant plastic to cover existing beds.  Grow food such as kale, parsley, mustard greens and chard in these tight and windproof tunnels.  Instructor: Poki, Gaia Gardens coordinator.  Cost: $10

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