Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Community Shrine, Seed Harvest and Equipment Sale

Building a Shrine to Community

Outside of the farm gate, along the Arroyo Chamisos Trail, a shrine was created in 2012 by a group of kids from the Youth Shelters who were visiting the farm.  They dedicated the shrine to their family and extended relations, even their “enemies”  With your help we will now be expanding this shrine to offer a space for our community to express its love, grief and blessings to Mother Earth.

Because the shrine is located on a public easement, we ask that nothing “permanent” (like concrete!) be used in the creation of the Shrine.  We will supply rocks, clay and water, as well as seeds & found objects to build/adorn the shrine.  Feel free to bring artificial flowers, trinkets and such for others to use.

Volunteers Needed

As you may know, we are now giving all our produce to the Food Depot, to be distributed to several shelters, school programs and old folks homes.  We would enjoy your help at the farm for the rest of the season.  We are now planting for the fall (kale, chard, cabbage) in order to have as much food as possible to give away. We welcome volunteers Monday through Friday 7:00am-12:00pm.  Lunch is provided. 

We are not done yet.  We’ve just shifted our focus and strategy, and are committed to finishing this season in beauty, grace and gratitude.

Seed Harvest

This year, we planted a huge variety of flowers whose seeds we now wish to harvest and share with the community (gardeners, school gardens, community gardens and farms).  We need your help to collect and winnow the seeds.  Dominique is available starting next week on Mon., Wed. & Frid. between 10:00am-12:00pm to direct our seed saving effort.  

The following flowers will be harvested next week: Bachelor Button, Calendula, Feverfew, Gaillardia, Golden Marguerite, Hollyhock, Plantain, Rutabaga.

Selling Farm Equipment

Unless something happens before November, such as someone stepping up to purchase the property and keep it as a school or farm, or a farmer wanting to take a chance to farm on the property like we’ve done, (knowing that the property is in foreclosure and could be under new ownership in a very near future), we will be selling and donating the farm equipment.  We have a handicap porta potty, two greenhouses that could be relocated to another farm or community garden, dozens of rain barrels, irrigation pumps and timers, tools, pots and seeding trays, market tents and tables and much more.  A complete inventory of our equipment will soon be posted so people interested in some of the equipment can make offers.

Putting the Farm to Sleep this Fall

Our intention is to amend the garden beds as if someone will start another farming season next year.  It’s a way for us to say thank you to this land, for its generosity and abundance.  If nothing else, thousands of flowers will bloom in the garden next spring, as we will make sure the garden is seeded to feed the pollinator and birds that depend on gardens like ours. 

With Warmth and Gratitude

Dominique, Rachel & Poki

PS.  A comment from the type of neighbor we don't wish you to have.

Your business model would be perfect for a third world country, busloads of school kids, no nagging neighbors, no regulations on inspections to ensure your produce is safe...  Thailand perhaps, I saw a cheap one way ticket, the donators would get over it... bye bye bozo.  Read more of this comment

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